How Our Animals Are Raised

layingHenLaying Hens 

Our free range hens graze and forage for the majority of their diet and are supplemented with an all grain antibiotic free feed. 

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chicken copy

Broiler Chickens 

Our meat chickens are raised in chicken tractors to protect them from predators. Which are moved once or twice daily to fresh pasture. By doing this it gives them a grass based diet and supplemented with a high protein non antibiotic grain feed. 

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Our Cows 

Our cows are all born and raised on our farm. Grass fed and never penned up. They are only fed a very small amount of a barley based non antibiotic feed.

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Our Pigs

Our pigs are pasture raised with plenty of fresh forage and acorns and have access to  mud wallows so they can do what pigs do best (get muddy) .

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